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Adviser Profile • Mike Gould
Mike Gould
Mike Gould Associates
5 High Street
Tel: 01747 822654
Fax: 01747 824353
Mobile: 07880 736853
Email: mgould@optima-alliance.co.uk
Website: www.emf-ltd.co.uk
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Mike Gould has spent the last 38 years creating building and then successfully selling small and medium sized businesses.

He has created and sold 4 of these ranging from a contract cleaning company, to a small chain of hotels.

Each time he has created the business from an idea, he has experienced the challenges, disappointments, frustrations and sense of achievement that these businesses have given him. Not knowing all the answers has meant that he has made many costly mistakes. He feels that whilst running these businesses the key factor was to know where to find supportive professionals who because of their knowledge would help him achieve his objectives cost effectively.

Having gained so much experience of running small to medium sized businesses he is able to impart some of this invaluable knowledge to all managing directors/ owners and to give hands on answers to issues and challenges they may be experiencing.

His main area of expertise is creating business for businesses, helping with funding issues and advising on recruiting the right people. He has also invaluable experience to offer over creating exit routes for managing director/owners.

Some 20 years ago he established a charitable non-governmental organization to work in the Third World. Its aim has been to give rural impoverished communities in Africa a ‘leg up’ as against a ‘hand out’. Projects such as supplying improved crop strains, building markets, animal processing plants and farmer’s loan schemes have all been self financing and self sustaining, resulting in improved standards of living for the communities. His business experience has been invaluable in helping the poor rural communities to achieve their objectives. This has led to improved health care and education.
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